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Patent Registration Services

Naveen Arora-  a registered Patent Agent for Patents & Designs with Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks.


Patent and Design Registration

Patent agent, being a person of expertise in a particular technical field has a strong understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of an invention.


Ace Consulting Engineers helps the applicant to secure his patent by critically contributing our technical skills and legal knowledge to respond to the rejection and queries from examiner. Our dedicated team of professionals render following services : -


1 Drafting and filing Patent application with Provisional specification along with all necessary forms such as: Form1, Form 2 , Form 3, Form 5 , Form 8 and Form 26
2 Drafting and filing complete specification after filing provisional specification with  all necessary forms such as Form1 , Form 2, Form 3, Form 5, Form 8, Form 18 and Form2
3 Drafting and filing of patent of addition
4 Drafting and filing of divisional application
5 Making request for filing patent outside India (Form 25)
6 Seeking  permission from National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) for filing IP
application under section 6 of The Biological Diversity Act including filing Form-III etc. with NBA
7 Preparing and filing a form for extension ·of time (Form 4)
8 Amending specification and re-filing in response to FER  (Form-13)
9 Filing request for Post dating of application
10 Filing a request for early publication (Form 9)
11 Filing of Working of patents under section 146 (Form 27)
12 Application for revision of terms and condition of license (Form 20)
13 Filing an application for compulsory license (Form 17)
14 Application for revocation of a patent for non working (Form 19)
15 Filing pre-grant opposition
16 Filing notice of opposition (Post grant opposition) in Form 7
17 Request for the grant of patent under section 26 and 52 (Form 12)
18 Prior art search report for novelty ,inventiveness and utility
19 Preparing and filing a new PCT application
20 Filing national phase applications including changes in the claims, if necessary

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