Circulars & Guidelines

Anti Dumping Duty on China Goods (No. 39-2010-Customs) Download
BIS Procedure Download
Cold Chain Subsidy NMFP Final Gudeline 2013-2017 Download
Documents Required for EPCG License Download
Gazzett of India MOEF Ewaste Rule Download
Gudelines for Fixation of SION Download
Import & Export of Hazardous Material Download
Import of Hazardous Waste ( No. 27-2011-Customs) Download
Import under EPCG Scheme by Service Providers ( No.14-2002-2007) Download
Procedure for Issuing CCDC & EDEC MNRE ( No. 30-42-2012-2013-NSM) Download
Valuation Practice of Second Hand Machinery (No. 4-2008-Customs) Download