Ace Consulting Engineers

MNRE Chartered Engineer Services

For Import of Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares

  • Chartered Engineer Certificate in line with the Indian Foreign Trade Policy. 
  • Physical verification of goods as per Customs Examination orders.
  • Representation before Customs Department as and when required.
  • Evaluation of Technical Compliance for meeting Customs clearance criteria.


For End Use Certification of Imported Machines


  • Technical Opinion Reports for confirming the end use of capital goods.
  • Evaluation Reports for selection of HSN /  CTH code as per Customs law.


For Re Import of Export Goods


  • Assessment of faulty , defective , non-functional capital goods for the purpose of repairing or upgradation before export.
  • Identity Establishment at the time of re import to prevent imposition of duplicate import duty as per Customs law.


For Export of Old & Used Capital Goods


  • Evaluation of second hand capital goods before Export for Customs assessment.
  • Ascertaining the Working Condition and Residual Life for qualifying country specific requirements.
  • Conforming the guidelines of MOEF&CC on Hazardous or E-Waste.


For EPCG Scheme and Foreign Trade Policy


  • Nexus certification of capital goods as per Appendix-5A
  • End Use confirmation for Pre-Production , Production and Post Production stage.
  • Verification of manufacturing process flow chart & justification of import.


For Installation and Commercial Production


  • Commissioning report for installed capital goods.
  • Verification of commercial production records.
  • Verification of working condition of machines as per FTP.



For Useful Life under Company’s Act - 2013


  • Evaluation of  Nature of assets , maintenance schedule, working hours of the unit for ascertaining useful life of the plant.
  • Componentization Analysis for claiming accelerated depreciation.
  • Opinion report  in support of Tax Audit for  IndAS-16 accounting standards to ensure the depreciation is in line with the actual usage of assets.
  • Compliance in order to fairly reflect in the balance sheet and income statement.



For Govt. Subsidy & Incentive Schemes


  • MSIPS , SPECS , PLI Schemes of Electronic Manufacturing
  • PMKSY scheme of MOFPI


Date of start of commercial production.

Evaluation Report for the plant & machinery installed, the price is as per the market value and the same are being used for the manufacturing of products as applied and approved under SPECS.

Fair Valuation of  used / second hand / refurbished plant, machinery and equipment including for associated utilities and R&D, whether imported or domestically procured.

Residual Life Certification of  used / second hand / refurbished plant, machinery and equipment including for associated utilities and R&D.

Fair Valuation of tools, dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures including parts, accessories, components and spares thereof.

Fair Valuation for reasonableness cost of plant, machinery, equipment and associated utilities self-fabricated including certification of the material cost.

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