Surveyor & Loss Assessor

A Surveyor & Loss Assessor is licensed by IRDA to conduct the survey job needed at the time of loss or mishap and is normally appointed by the insurance company to assess the quantum of loss and submit his independent survey report to them. We are one of the well-known Surveyor & Loss Assessors based in New Delhi.

Risk Inspections
Proper inspection is carried out prior to any fresh insurance proposal or renewal to minimize and categorize the type of risk under marine, miscellaneous, fire and engineering policies and is done by an IRDA licensed Surveyor and Loss Assessor.

Survey of Damage Shipment
Whenever there is a suspected damage or theft of the consignment material in terms of its quantity or quality before the delivery, the survey needs to be conducted by the Custom approved Chartered Engineer/Surveyor in the Examination Area of the Customs Authority after seeking their permission.

  • Risk Inspection Survey Reports conforming to Tariff Advisory Committee guidelines.
  • Inspection carried out by experienced engineers
  • Collection of information related to previous major losses
  • Suggest risk improvement/loss minimization measures.

All the insurance companies look beyond just managing risk and seek ways to prevent the losses that may occur with some of the risks assumed. Our primary loss prevention tool is to thoroughly and regularly inspect the proposed assets prior to the insurance. The insurance coverage remains conditional until a satisfactory inspection is completed and reported to the underwriting department of the insurance company.

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