Solar Panel Chartered Engineer Certification

Required to ascertain their end use in terms of BYPASS DIODE or BLOCKING DIODE. Diodes are extensively used in solar panel installations.


Details :

  • To prevent the backflow of current (unidirectional flow of current), they are used as blocking devices. They are also used as bypass devices to maintain the reliability of the entire solar power system in the event of a solar panel failure.
  • A blocking diode allows the flow of current from a solar panel to the battery but prevents/blocks the flow of current from battery to solar panel thereby preventing the battery from discharging.
  • A bypass diode is used in case one of the panels of a multi panel string is faulty, it bypasses the faulty panel by providing current an alternative path to flow and thereby maintains the continuity of power production.
  • As an MNRE and Customs empanelled Chartered Engineer , we are authorized to issue the technical reports for classification of Solar Panels after examining their working conditions in active state of power production.

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