MNRE Empanelled Chartered Engineer Certification

MNRE Empanelled Chartered Engineer Certification

Verification of BOMs for Solar Power Developers
Solar Power Developers (SPD) have to get their Bill of Material certified by the Chartered Engineer for the purpose of issuance of Custom/Excise Duty Exemption Certificate for availing concessional customs duty ( CCDC) and exemption of excise duty (EDEC) for setting up  Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Power Generation Project. I am a certified and trained Chartered Engineer from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy ( MNRE ).

Upon generating the CCDC/EDEC, SPD may take a print out, which will then be forwarded along with purchase order to MNRE through EMPANELLED CHARTERED ENGINEER who shall certify the quantity with respect to the approved BOM and also regard to the provisions/conditions of Min. of Finance ( Department of Revenue ). CCDC/EDEC or both, as the case may be, shall be issued by MNRE for each PURCHASE ORDER.

In the event of any amendment in quantity or additions of new item/items with respect to the BOM, the SPD shall provide complete justification of amendment in quantity or addition of new item/items. The CHARTERED ENGINEER  shall certify the amendment of BOM clearly endorsing the reasons for such amendment.

  • Grant of BIS Licence for Domestic Manufacturers
    DOMESTIC MANUFACTURERS of Electrical Appliances under Scheme-II has to get the Application and Testing Manufacturing facilities verified by a CHARTERED ENGINEER. Application duly certified by a Chartered Engineer to be submitted to concerned BIS office. The licence then shall be granted after scrutiny of the documents and report submitted by Chartered Engineer.
  • Certification for Plant and Machinery for Cold Chain Subsidy under National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) http://www.mofpi.nic.in
    Chartered Engineer (Mech.) has to certify the Plant &Machinery indicating item wise progress, cost, quantity, manufacturer/supplier and comment on quality. Chartered Engineer (Mech.) has to certify the Quotations from the suppliers of Reefer Vehicles/ Mobile pre-cooling vans required for the project.
  • Bio Mass Power Plant ( Non Bagasse) Certification
    MNRE-  Ministry on new and renewable energy offers capital  subsidy and CFA- central  Financial assistance to BIO MASS POWER PLANTS (non bagasse) which requires certification from independent CHARTERED ENGINEER certifying the applicant company's requirements of new components for turbine etc. for execution of  Biomass based power  project.
  • CE Certification of investment in plant & machinery required by 100% EOU
    The certification by chartered engineer is required for investment in plant & machinery for attaining the status of 100 % EOU (Export oriented unit)
  • Computation of installed capacity of plant
    The certification by chartered engineer is required for computation of installed capacity of new and old plants.
  • Import into SEZ
    Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a specifically delineated duty free enclave and shall be deemed to be foreign territory for the purposes of trade operations and duties and tariffs. Chartered Engineer has to issue certificate for the approval.

    The Developer shall make an application, after obtaining approval for the authorized operation under rule 9, to the Development Commissioner, along with the list of goods and services, including machinery, equipments and construction materials required for the authorized operations, duly certified by a Chartered Engineer for approval by the Approval Committee.

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