Ace Consulting Engineers

Leasing of Machinery & Equipments

Ace Consulting Engineers provide end-to-end support in selection of appropriate Lease type, Lease duration, Financial terms , determination of residual values, market value of equipment, tax responsibility including  calculation of Lease rents and Finalisation of Lease Agreements.


A lease in a simple terms is  an extended rental agreement under which the owner of the equipment allows the user to operate  make use of the equipment in exchange for periodic lease payments. In leasing terminology, the owner is the lessor, the user is the lessee. Leasing of equipments is largely  favoured by small businesses, which often have fewer options because of limited capital.


Types of Leases - The two most popular types of leases are operating and long-term or capital leases.


Operating leases are characterized by short-term where the lessor bears the risk of obsolescence and enjoys such benefits as depreciation.

Long-term, also known as full payout or financial leases, are sources of financing for assets the lessee company wants to acquire and use for longer periods of time where the lessee is responsible for maintaining and insuring the asset.

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