Customs Empanelled Chartered Engineer Certification

Customs Empanelled Chartered Engineer Certification

EPCG Licensing
The applicant may apply for EPCG license along with a certificate from the independent chartered engineer on the proforma annexed to Aayaat Niryaat Form certifying the end use of capital goods sought for import for its use at pre production, production or post production stage for the product undertaken for export obligation. The Licensing Authority concerned shall, on the basis of the nexus certificate from an Independent Chartered Engineer (CEC) submitted by the applicant in Appendix 32A, issue the EPCG license and thereafter forward a copy of the EPCG license to the concerned Jurisdictional Central Excise Authority.

Installation certificates.
At the time of final redemption of export obligation license holder shall submit certificate from the Independent Chartered Engineer confirming the use of spares so imported in the installed capital goods on the basis of stock & consumption register maintained by license holder.

Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares Exported to India
It is mandatory to have CE Certification for custom's clearance for second hand plant & machinery being imported to India. The certification relates to state of the goods, balance future life, contents, value for assessment of customs

Export of defective parts/equipment which cannot be repaired in India
Chartered Engineer has to certify that part of an imported machine cannot be repaired in India and has to be sent back to the manufacturer's or supplier's works for repairs and re-import.

Exemption to goods supplied to service provider such as hotels or stand alone restaurants under served from India scheme.
Central Government exempts capital goods, office equipment, professional equipment, office furniture and consumables related to service sector business and food items from the whole of duty of excise and additional duty of excise subject to a certificate from independent chartered engineer confirming installation and use of the goods in the factory or premises within 6 months from date of clearance .

Certification of DBK1 statement by independent chartered engineer for claiming duty drawback on all industry rates/fixation of drawback rates/refund of terminal excise duty
The chartered engineer has to certify the consumption of various materials shown in DBK-1statement after examining it carefully that items are actually required and are being consumed in the factory of production for manufacture of export product . He has to further certify that imported materials are being actually used in the manufacture of the export product and are not being substituted by indigenous materials. The wastage claimed has to be certified- as wastages should be reasonable and comparable to the general norms for the industry.

Computation of Amortization cost of tools (Molds/Dies) used in the manufacture of components/parts
The amortization refers to expensing the acquisition cost of tools minus residual value in a systematic manner over their estimated useful economic lives so as to reflect their expiration, obsolescence or other decline in value as a result of use with the passage of time .

Calculation of Clamping Force of Injection Molding Machines
For declaring clamping force of injection molding machines to ascertain the applicability of anti dumping duty. In the matter of import of all kinds of plastic processing or injection molding machines, also known as injection presses, having clamping force not less than 40 tons, originating in or exported from China are subject to get imposed with anti-dumping duty on imports made from China as per custom's schedule.

Importers of Electrical & Electronic Goods seeking NOC from MOEF
Importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipments, Spare Parts, Instruments etc.has to get an NOC from Ministry of Enviornment and Forest (MOEF) for conforming their End Use and identification as E-Waste or not prior to the Custom Clearance. Chartered Engineer has to prepare a report to declare the Nature & Type of goods, Residual Life of the Equipments under Import w.r.t the guidelinses of custom�s circular on HAZARDOUS WASTE (Management, Handling and Transboundary) Rules, 2008. After the satisfactory submission of Chartered Engineer�s Report to MOEF, the imported then receives the NOC from MOEF. On the basis of this NOC, the clearance is initiated with customs authority.

Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS)
Declaration certified by CHARTERED ENGINEER in respect of all the export items covered under Engineeering sector as per Col. no.6 (iv) of ANF 3E stating the FOB value of exports of engineering sector (excluding iron & steel, non ferrous metals in primary or intermediate forms, automobiles or two wheelers, nuclear reactors & parts and ships/boats and floating structures)

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