Certifcations For DGFT_SEZ_EOU

Ace Consulting Engineers render Chartered Engineer Certification services for manufacturing units , importers & exporters .




Application has to furnish the complete details as per Appendix-4E along with a certificate from Chartered Engineer in Appendix-4K only in the domain of his/her competence.


After examination of technical details and requirements of raw materials etc. with regard to their technical description , specification and the quantity against each item of import and having due regard to proper technical norms of consumption and after technical scrutiny of relevant process, designs and drawings of the export product, Chartered Engineer has to certify that they are correct in all respects and are actually required for the execution of the export order for which the application is made.


Chartered Engineer CERTIFICATE for 100% EOU


Chartered Engineer Certificate on investment in plant & machinery required by 100% EOU.The certification by chartered engineer is required for investment in plant & machinery for attaining the status of 100 % EOU (Export oriented unit)


Chartered Engineer Certificate for Import into SEZ


Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a specifically designated duty free enclave and shall be deemed to be foreign territory for the purposes of trade operations and duties and tariffs. Chartered Engineer Certificate is required for bonding / debonding of gods for assessment of duty foregone.


Chartered Engineer Certificate for Installation At the time of final redemption of export obligation license holder shall submit certificate from the Independent Chartered Engineer confirming the commissioning of capital goods and use of spares so imported in the installed capital goods.



Appendix – 5A to be furnished on the letter head of Chartered Engineer.


The applicant may apply for EPCG license along with a certificate from the independent chartered engineer on the proforma annexed to Aayaat Niryaat Form certifying the end use of capital goods sought for import for its use at pre production, production or post production stage for the product undertaken for export obligation. The Licensing Authority concerned shall, on the basis of the nexus certificate from an Independent Chartered Engineer (CEC) submitted by the applicant in Appendix 5A to issue the EPCG license.

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