Special Valuation Branch Orders

Special Valuation Branch Orders

We are involved in providing complete consulting services for finalization of Special Valuation Branch Orders. We help in finalizing the SVB orders from respective Custom authorities for eligible applicants.

More about Special Valuation Branch Orders

  • Special Valuation Branch is branch of the custom house which deals with cases involving related party transactions (supplier and importer) and follows a procedure as laid down in the CBEC circulars as issued time to time.
  • The procedure involves extensive investigation spread over a period of time and requires the importer to reply to a set of questionnaire and also maintain extensive documentation and furnish the information as and when required. After the investigation the customs authority issued a Special Valuation Branch Order Refund order in which it may accept or reject the value.
  • On rejection, the value is re-determined based on the sequential methodology (identical/similar valuation, deductive valuation, computed valuation, residual valuation). At times such a redetermination may involve imposition of fine and penalty depending on the reasons of rejection of the value.
  • On acceptance, all the provisional assessment pending in appraising groups will be finalized and being resorted to such Special Valuation Branch Order Refund order, the extra duty shall be discontinued and refunded back or adjusted as per the same order. It is mandatory for the importer to quote the SVB order number at the time of filing of each Bill of entry.
    • Validity of Special Valuation Branch Order (SVB)
    • Once taken the SVB order is remain valid for 3 years.

Renewal of Special Valuation Branch Order (SVB) : Importer can file an application for further renewal for the same Special Valuation Branch order if he continues imports over a period of time extending beyond 3 years. He has to file an application along with necessary documents at least 3 months before the completion of 3 years. If there is no change in the terms and conditions of the agreement or pattern of invoicing, the same should be clearly mentioned by the importer through an affidavit. After satisfying to the all necessary conditions, the Special Valuation Branch Order Refund order issued in the past will be renewed for a further period of 3 years.

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